Thank you for considering this beautiful piece, entitled 'Devon, England' by Sydney Richard Percy.

Includes paperwork from The Cooling Galleries Ltd. detailing the history of this artist and piece.

The paperwork reads as follows:

"Sydney Percy was one of the famous six sons of E. C. Williams the famous landscape painter, and was born in Wales in 1821 and died in England in 1886. In order to prevent confusion each of the sons of E. C. Williams dropped the surname and painted all their pictures under their Christian names such as Sydney Percy, John Gilbert, Benjamin Leader, etc.

Sydney Percy was the founder of the famous school of Barnes near London, and during his lifetime he exhibited no less that three hundred pictures mostly in the Royal Academy.

Devon was painted in his prime in the sixties, and is signed and dated in the left-hand corner. It was recently purchased in London by the Cooling Galleries especially for Marshall Fields where it arrived within the last few weeks.

The following museums have examples of this artists works: Leeds, Montreal, Salford, Sheffield, and Sunderland, and during is live [sic], he was awarded two medals in London."

and includes a photograph of the piece.

Condition: There is a very well done repair at the top, on the clouds. The piece is slightly discolored due to the nature of the medium and its age. Otherwise, the painting is in excellent condition for its age.

Without its frame, the canvas measures roughly 25 1/2" by 37.25". The frame measures roughly 31" by 42.5".




Beautiful Antique "Devon, England" Landscape Painting by Sydney Richard Percy 1